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Lobby Hours:
Monday-Saturday 6:00am-10am
Monday-Saturday 4:00pm-7pm
Sunday 4:00pm-7:00pm





Our Goal:

We are here to help you maintain the mental and physical state of your dog. Many people simply do not have the time everyday to exercise our dogs. Some dogs should be walking a minimum of 2 miles a day! 

Thousands of dogs are surrendered to the shelter every year due to minor behavioral issues that if properly exercised could have been avoided in the 1st place.

We will provide a safe environment for your dog to play with their friends.   Our experienced pack leaders will monitor play time 24 hours a day.

All Breeds Welcome

We do not have breed restrictions.  We place dogs with the play group that best fits their size, personality, and energy level. 


Our Pack Leaders have 7 years of experience caring for dogs! Our staff is experienced with many different breeds, sizes, and temperaments. We are able to understand and manage pack behavior.   


We are able to work with most scheduling needs.  Emergencies are not a problem. we are able to work with you if you need us.  

We offer online booking.  We must have a meet and greet with your dog before they can attend The Pack.  A meet and greet takes about fifteen minutes, they can stay the same day as the meet and greet. Book your dog's stay online

Your Dog's Needs:

We will work with you to find a plan of care that is best suited to your dog's needs.  Your dog will have all day access to an out door play area.  Our indoor play area is climate controlled and we have a non-slip floor.

Meet and Greet:

All dog must have a meet and greet before attending the pack.  It will take about 15 minutes. Once we've had the meet and greet your dog can stay us that same day.  Come in today for your meet and greet or call us to find out more! 540-898-2470